Behind The Beats: Marco Strous

March 14, 2024by Oliver Golden

Behind The Beats: Marco Strous


Come with us and discover the magic behind the music with Marco Strous. In this intimate interview, we delve into the depths of his creative process, exploring the beats that drive his passion. Join us as we peel back the layers, revealing the raw authenticity of man like Marco.


So Marco, can you walk us through your creative process when starting a brand new track? What sparks your inspiration?


My creative process usually begins with finding a sample that defines the record. Said sample could be a vocal, a riff, a groove or even just experimenting with sounds until something clicks. Then I’ll build around it. Sometimes the end result comes out different than initially intended as the vibe could change midway into writing. It’s like the record writes itself.


How do you approach finding the right balance between experimentation and sticking to your signature sound we are all so familiar with?


Having a signature sound is great but if you get too comfortable with it, you end up regurgitating the same feeling every time. I always like to bring forward new feelings to my record by immersing myself in different genres that I like and tie it and balance it to my sound. It’s all about evolving while staying true to myself.


What role does technology play in your music-making process? Any favourite tools or software you can’t live without?


My set up is insanely simple. MacBook with Ableton, Yamaha monitors and headphones. I often don’t even sit in my little home studio. I make beats in bed with headphones and a bluetooth speaker! I have some hardware but honestly it’s just collecting dust and I’ve become so used to just working in the box. Music tech has become so accessible and I get as much use out of it as I can. I don’t even use a lot of third party plugins. I’ve made due with using lots of free software and Ableton’s stock effects.


How do you keep your music fresh and engaging in an industry that’s constantly evolving? Where do you find inspiration?


Staying fresh in a constantly evolving industry requires being open minded and exploring new music (outside of your scene) and sounds. I grew up with a deep passion for lots of different styles and I want to bridge these as much as I possibly can.


Collaboration is often a big part of the music industry. Can you tell us about a particularly exciting collaboration you’ve been a part of?


Collaborations breathe new life into my music, even if the music doesn’t get released. I may not have released many collaborative records but I have shared the studio with lots of people, having really fun jams. It gives me a fresh perspective on how to approach making music. I love figuring out what makes people tick, what they look out for in music and how they work.


What’s your favourite track you’ve created, and what makes it special to you?


I couldn’t tell you exactly which one track is my favourite. I put a lot of care into all of them. There have been highlight tracks that defined different “chapters” of my musical journey and I can comfortably say that some of these have left an imprint in the scene and inspired other artists in their own music across different parts of the world. Like Tip Toe, I Start Walking, Flex, Diva and Shred were all part of the old Strous sound. And to this day, I hear artists take inspiration from these. And that’s magic!


How do you deal with creative blocks or moments of self-doubt during your music-making journey?


Blocks and self doubt are inevitable, but I tackle them by taking breaks, exploring new hobbies, or seeking inspiration outside of the genre I usually produce in. Sometimes you just got to trust the process, know that challenges are a part of growth and just keep writing, even if it doesn’t click. You get out what you put in.


What’s your perspective on the relationship between art and music? How important is branding as an artist?


Art and music to me are deeply intertwined. They both carry and express emotion of any kind. Branding is essential for any artist who wants to turn their musical journey from hobby to career. It’s how you convey your identity and how you connect with your audience. You’ve got to play to your strengths. Your strength could be making sick records or perhaps how you present yourself through fashion or content creation. With that said, there will always be people with an opinion on how you should brand yourself but honestly for me, whatever approach you take to be happy is fine by me. There’s space for everyone, nobody is hindering anyones growth unless you allow it to consume you.


Many aspiring artists struggle with finding their unique sound. Do you have any advice for them based on your own journey?


Finding your unique sound takes time and experimentation. The more time and energy you spend on your craft, you’ll discover what resonates with you. It could be sound design, it could be how you treat your mix, it could be how you arrange your music. It’s whatever you do consistently that’s your signature sound. Stay true to yourself and authenticity will shine through.


What’s one piece of advice you wish you had received when you were starting out as a DJ/Producer?


Be patient and be kind to yourself. I know this topic gets rehashed a lot but it’s important. In an age where there’s so much noise and content, it’s easy to compare yourself to others and think “what’s the point in doing this at all”. Everyone moves in different paces. Success can happen overnight for some, others it could take years. I went through the motions myself. I’m in a good place mentally because I believe in what I do, I have a great team around me that also believe in me (and vice versa) and rather than feel threatened by other’s growth, I support them and encourage them. Life is so much healthier that way. 


Finally, name us three track’s that are in heavy rotation during your sets at the minute?

Marco Strous – In The Park (Unreleased)
Marco Strous – Sweetheart (Unreleased)
Nic Fanciulli – The Tide (Joris Voorn Edit)





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