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June 13, 2021by Blanc Official0

Following on from his crossover success with ‘Pour the Milk’ which smashed it on TikTok, peaking at #2 on the UK dance charts and amassed a phenomenal 5 million views on SoundCloud and 3.2 million on YouTube, Robbie Doherty is back with another banger – only this time he’s gone his own way.

His debut single, ‘Colours’ will be the first single released under AVENU Records – his own label, we might add  – and seems destined to be the 2021 tune that will be spinning repeatedly on BBC Radio 1’s Dance Anthems and packing dance floors up and down the UK.

‘Colours’ showcases Robbie’s new club-ready sound and represents a formidable leap forward in production prowess, topping even the stellar heights that he was able to achieve alongside Irish duo, Knees, with ‘Pour the Milk.’ 

This atmospheric track showcases Belfast-born DJ and producer’s gift for hitting a nerve; a single that alludes to how isolating technology can be and how we’re all guilty of neglecting the experiences – or ‘colours’ – of the outside world in favour of retreating inside, an iPhone in hand, our backs hunched over a laptop.  

Released at the opportune time, ‘Colours’ reminds people that we may have lived the last fourteen months cooped up indoors, socially-distanced, with only a screen to entertain us, but there’s a big wide world out there for us to explore. 

The maturing theme of the track mirrors how Robbie has matured as an artist in such a short space of time and is certain to strike a chord with dance music devotees. 

The ethereal, trance-style vocals are enhanced by smooth pads, dreamy piano hooks and absorbing chords that create an atmospheric foundation that draws you in. The energy of the track is driven by the backbeat percussion paired with a heart pounding bassline that gets under your skin. Complementing this is a euphoric breakdown that leads into an energetic climax accented by a percussive rave-inspired chord progression. 

Robbie’s debut single on AVENU is an impactful statement, one that’s as powerful as it is intoxicating and signifies his arrival into a club-ready realm of music. 

‘Colours’ Extended Mix and Radio Edit will be available on Beatport and Spotify on 14th May 2021 and for general release on 28th May. 

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